Karen Riley

"I repurposed an old globe that was destined for a school dumpster.

Earth is the space we live on. It is threatened by human destruction and when we all realize this and come together, and work hard together, our space will be reborn.
The poem on the earth's surface reads:

Once upon a time
I lived in a world of blue and green
Where striped, spotted, and camouflaged roamed.
But plumes and blooms of man
Were cultivated for greed and destruction.
And now, a world of gray and black
Bleached by those efforts.
Hoping on hope,
Waiting on the enlightened.
Fingers crossed."


Kali Edwards

9th grade, Leadership Military Academy


"This painting is about how the improper care of earth effects more then just our planet. We are damaging our atmosphere and letting intoxicants, in addition to other materials, into space."

Thomas Alban

"Old Refractory bricks from a non functional gas kiln. The bricks were carved, then glazed, and mounted on plywood left over from construction.

This piece is called drawing down the sun. You see I don't like cold weather, and when the sun starts leaving the earth I know chilly weather is coming soon. This is about me trying to bring the sun back down. The bird and the symbol next to it are the galactic snowboarders leaving the planet for the time being. I carved the sun during last solstice, so in a way I guess it worked."

Camden Fierro

Pre School, Rancho Heritage School

"Recycled styrofoam packing material, pipe cleaners, beads and buttonsAs with many sculptures, they can be viewed and interpreted as different things. The original vision for this sculpture was a rocket but we think it resembles planets in orbit as well."

Brewer Fierro

The Ontario Center School


"Recycled Rice Krispies Treats box with cut up pieces of recycled magazines glued on.

There is a large ringed planet. It is surrounded by the darkness of space. There are a few twinkling stars in the background."

Lincoln Mix

Truman Elementary School


"Acrylic and washable craft paint.

My painting is the Sun, which connects to the space theme by keeping us warm. The Sun also shines on other planets, like Mars, which I painted next to the Sun."

Divyadharshini Balamurugan

Chinmaya VidyalayaIndia School, Chennai, India


"Oil pastel. My drawing says, which technology in space we must need for our environment to improve like weather forecast and earthquake etc..in our space technology helps to our environment."

Yezebel Vergara

Virginia Primrose Elementary School


"Aluminium, glue, markers, acrylic paint, price tags, card board, foam balls, googly eyes and cans. 

Space its always going to be a mystery. We always learned something new."

Liyah Vilete

Leadership Military Academy

"Acrylic paints. My painting is about inner space. It shows that on the inside and outside i stay cool and calm. I used mostly cool colors that match my inner self."

Malinalli Avila

REACH Leadership STEAM Academy


"Paper, pencil, twig, crayons, and leaves. My art connects to the space theme because the moon is in space and Wall-E and the flower represents the way humans live: With technology and nature and one day we will be able to live on the moon."

Anika Arnold

Katherine Finchy Elementary

"I used 4 colorful piece of paper, color markers, paint, rocks, fish line, toy dolphin, shells, shrinky dinks and recycled trash (For Example, rubber bands, bottle caps, plastic rappers, straws, balloon, clementine net and 2 large cookie containers).

My project has to do with ocean which is the "green space" I chose. It connects to green space because is part of nature. The environmental issue I wanted to talk about is pollution. My project what happens when people pollute the ocean with trash. During the coronavirus "Shelter in Place", I saw pictures of once dirty water ways that became clear again. When people don't pollute the ocean there is more sea life, it is more clear, much happier."

Daisy Alvis

Ranch Verde Elementary

"I used markers a pencil, paper.

The planet represents one of the planets in space. The stars at the top represents the stars in space. Finally, and all the dots represents the atmosphere."

Anahi Hernandez

Leadership Military Academy

"Acrylic paint.

The meaning of the painting is you have to look through the darkness to see the beauty on the other side."

Brenda Nelms

Granite Hills High School

"For this piece I used a mechanical pencil and colored pencils. Other materials I used as well is a blending stump, highlighter, and white out.

This piece holds an intimate moment between two people with stars and planets in and around their mouths. In my work I am trying to show that no matter how close you can be to each other there will always be space in between you. Pun intended. The white dots around the work can be represented as more non prominent stats or acne."

Josolyn Jimenez

Leadership Military Academy

"Drawing with graphite and color pencils.

One hand tries to hold and protect the world while the other hand seem to want to hurt it. It shows that even though we all share the same space (the world) not everyone is on the same page of preserving and taking care of the earth."

Kiwana Woods

Leadership Military Academy

"Acrylic paint.

This time in the world's life will blow away eventually. One thing we should take away from this time is that social space does not mean isolation. Stay connected and expand our social circles to help, love and respect everyone."

Jacqueline Gardner

Watercolor on paper

"One of my favorite campfire stories is about the hummingbird that poked constellations of the other animals up in the sky. In a time of crisis when the whole sky went dark after it was covered with a blanket, neither the cougar nor strong bear could tear down. It was the humble hummingbird that in the end poked holes in the blanket to make the stars, honoring the efforts of the whole community in the sky. I hope this honors the work of our hummingbirds and other great animals that sustain our ecosystems. Look for ursa major, ursa minor, and leo minor up in the sky (hint: the "shining" star is Polaris)."

Karen Martin

Acrylic paints


"As of 2019, more than 128934000 million pieces of debris, better known as Space Junk, has been estimated to be in orbit around the Earth. This includes abandon satellites, in fact there has been close calls where satellites have almost collided. The painting displays how the earth needs to be responsible and clean up our junk."

Tuesday May Thomas

Acrylic paint on canvas


"Humphry the Humpback Whale is swimming in space. The lines of energy that cross his body are currents of cosmic consciousness. These currents of cosmic consciousness connect all people, places and things in the universe. When Humphry sings, his 'whalesong' is carried across these currents through all time and space, bringing healing and peace to all of life, everywhere."

Erin Mix

Acrylic paint


"I painted the planet Mars for the space theme because I love following the updates from the Rovers. I think humans should explore Mars someday and expand our space programs."

Selva Ozelli



"Deadly tsunami 'shadows' visible from space give early warning of killer waves. Satellites can spot a tsunami as it unfolds in the open ocean, researchers have found, and could in future be used as part of an early warning system."

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